My name is Emily Wanjiru, aged 23. I was born to a single mom,am the first born amongst six children. I come from the village of Kibagare in Kangemi town where I reside with my mom.

I consider myself a hardworking lady because am always conscious of my work. What drives me in life is self discipline the respect for what I am as a lady and the courage that I can do it .I would go miles for what I want to achieve my goals but even with all the determination, sometimes life is undetermined with the challenges that afflict the poor. Currently am unemployed and live with my mom.

My hobbies are dancing, singing, telling and sharing creative stories. Additionationally, I like to get to the in-depth of the digital story telling a project run by Undugu Society of Kenya. This has helped me advocate what is in my surrounding, the problem the I come around every day and also to let my feelings flow. I after am done with the training I would like to work in a humanitarian organization where I would help other people like me to overcome their problems.

My role model is my mother who is always encouraging and always there for me in times of tribulation. As a lady from the poor family I face many challenges and sometimes life becomes so unbearable and that’s when I turn to my mom who is my strength and like a pillar of life to me.


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